Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make that FOUR

Well, a LOT has changed since my last post. My little baby boy is now growing up, and quickly. We just celebrated Joshua's 3rd Birthday... and the Blue's Clues days are over. Spiderman and superheroes are the new era as you can see from the picture from the party.

Another little blessing is on his way, and our family is just bursting with excitement. Another little prince as it would be... just as Joshua has promised us from the day he found out. Joshua cannot wait to meet his "best friend" and brother, Caleb. (The name Caleb was a no brainer. We've had the name picked out since we named Joshua. Joshua and Caleb: two brave soldiers of God in the Bible who walked side by side together; how perfect is that?! Middle is TBA) This pregnancy is just flying by, too. I remember when I was pregnant with Joshua: I didn't know what to expect from day to day, and I spent long hours reading about what's normal, what's not, what's going to happen next week, next month, and just "what ifs and what nows" that left me more clueless. With this one, I stay so busy with work and Joshua and forget what week I'm on some days, and there are moments (particularly at work) when I altogether forget I'm pregnant. That is, until a little special someone gives me a friendly nudge to remind me. I'm still nervous when I take the time to think about this lil turkey who will be somewhere around Thanksgiving this fall....

I cannot for the life of me see how my heart is capable of loving another as much as I do my Joshua. My whole being loves that little boy. It's really unexplainable to describe just how smitten I am with my first born. He's truly my life- or the reason for it, anyway.

What will happen when the 2nd one comes? I'm assuming my heart will just double in size...

The most reassuring words I've heard came from a friend of mine who has two little ones just 2 years apart in age. She said, "I was the same way. I think everyone is, but most are afraid to admit it. When my husband and I stared down at my brand new little girl, I looked at him and asked him, "Do you love her as much as you do ____?" He said, "No. I love her, but not as much yet. And neither do you. But that's just because we've gotten to know ____, and we've grown to love his ways, and love all of him." My friend looked at me and said, "Darlene, I'm going to tell you what. He was right. It took a few months, and then my gosh, I just love that little girl with my all. I love them both so very much. Exactly the same amount... more than anything in the world."

I just cannot wait to fall in love with this little guy. What a blessing to experience this phenomenal love once, much less twice!

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